A language for game dialogue.


Introducing Rant.

Rant is an all-purpose procedural text generation engine and language. It has been refined to include a dizzying array of features designed to handle everything from the most rudimentary of string generation tasks to advanced dialogue generation, code templating, automatic formatting, and quite a lot more.

The goal of the project is to enable creators, especially those in game development, to automate repetitive writing tasks with a high degree of creative freedom. With Rant, you can augment your creativity with the boundless potential of procedural generation. And it doesn't cost you a thing.

Don't just write – write with Rant.

What we have to offer

Friendly API

Rant's API is so easy to use, you just might shed tears of joy.


Blocks provide Rant with branching choices. It can pick randomly, or you can customize it to choose in a number of different ways.


Automatic formatting

Rant has a powerful set of functions to automate several kinds of formatting, including capitalization, indefinite articles, serial commas (regular or Oxford), numbers, and more.

My name is Stan. I'm 1,024 years old. I'm an artist.

Dictionary queries

You can load your own dictionaries and query them for a specific type of word.

Republicans are red, Democrats are blue...


Any block can be looped over, making a variety of complex and interesting behaviors easy to implement.

An earwig, a lawyer, and a gorilla walked into a bar...


Rant contains a fully-functional integrated scripting language for even more advanced control over pattern behavior. It has the added bonus of being able to access external variables through Rant's API.

Multiple outputs

You're not restricted to just returning a single output! You can return multiple outputs using channels, and even multiple channel sets using the serial pattern mode.

So many features


Rant has a NuGet package that is updated after every commit. Type this into your package manager console to install the latest version:

PM> Install-Package Rant