Package Format

Packages are binary files containing serialized Rant resources. Resources can be stored in an uncompressed format, or compressed using DEFLATE.

Data Types[link]

All types are little-endian unless otherwise specified.

All strings are encoded in UTF-8 unless otherwise specified.

  • bool: 8-bit boolean value: 0x1 = true, 0x0 = false
  • byte: 8-bit unsigned integer
  • short: 16-bit signed integer
  • ushort: 16-bit unsigned integer
  • int: 32-bit signed integer
  • float: 32-bit float
  • double: 64-bit float
  • string: String: int containing length in bytes followed by sequence of characters
  • string[]: String array: int containing item count followed by sequence of string items
struct RantPackageHeader
    int Magic = 0x4E465250; // "NFRP"
    int FormatVersion;
    bool Compress; // Indicates resource data is compressed using DEFLATE
    string PackageTitle;
    string PackageId;
    string PackageDescription;
    string[] PackageTags;
    string[] PackageAuthors;
    int PackageVerMajor;
    int PackageVerMinor;
    int PackageVerRevision;
    int DependencyCount;
    RantPackageDependency[DependencyCount] Dependencies;
    int ResourceCount;

struct RantPackageDependency
    string ID;
    int DepVerMajor;
    int DepVerMinor;
    int DepVerRevision;
    bool AllowNewer;

Resource chunks[link]

Following the file header is a sequence of serialized resources. Each resource is prefixed with 4 bytes that identify the resource type. It is up to the resource serializer to indicate how large the data chunk is.

Type codes[link]

Type Code Hex Description
dic2 0x64696332 Dictionary table
prog 0x70726F67 Rant program