Class Filters

Class filters allow queries to narrow their search to entries with or without specific classes.

Filters are specified after the table name and subtype.


A positive class filter filters for entries with a specific class. To write one, insert a hyphen - followed by the name of the class to filter by. If you'd like Rant to select one of several classes to filter by randomly, separate them with vertical pipes (|).

<noun-animal>               # Animal
<noun -animal -red>         # Animal that is red
<noun -animal -red|yellow>  # Animal that is red or yellow

Negative filters[link]

Negative filters do the opposite of positive filters: they filter for entries without a specific class. This is indicated by an exclamation point before the class name.

< -!animal>   # Any plural noun that isn't an animal


In some rare cases, a user might want to filter for entries that only contain specific classes. This behavior is called exclusivity. A query can be made exclusive by placing a dollar sign $ before the class filters.

<noun$-animal>  # Any noun that only contains the "animal" class