List Functions

These functions create and operate on list objects.

Operation Function
Add number(s) to list [laddn]
Add pattern(s) to list [laddp]
Add string(s) to list [ladd]
Add variable value(s) in list [linsv]
Add variable value(s) to list [laddv]
Clear list [lclr]
Copy list item to variable [lcpy]
Copy list to variable [lclone]
Filter list items to another list [lfilter]
Find item in list (case insensitive) [lfindi]
Find item in list [lfind]
Find variable value in list [lfindv]
Insert number in list [linsn]
Insert pattern in list [linsp]
Insert string in list [lins]
Prepend number to list [lpren]
Prepend pattern to list [lprep]
Prepend string to list [lpre]
Print list item [lget]
Print random value from list [lrand]
Process list items and map to another list [lmap]
Remove first item from list [lpopf]
Remove last item from list [lpop]
Set list item at index to variable value [lsetv]
Set list number item at index [lsetn]
Set list pattern item at index [lsetp]
Set list string item at index [lset]